April 2, 2022 at Polar Park
hosted by Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Rain or Shine!
Free and open
to the public.


Our 2021 speakers are sure to ignite new passions!


SUNDAY, JUNE 6  – 11:00 AM EST

Aaron Newman, Brick Designer and LEGO Master contestant

What does it take to be a Lego Master?!  Learn first-hand from Master Aaron Newman, who appeared on the first American season of the hit FOX TV show.  Hear from Aaron about his experiences on the show, how he creates his builds from conception to creation, and the trials and tribulations of a Lego Master! (60 minutes)


MONDAY, JUNE  7  – 11:00 AM EST

Disney Imagineers

Walt Disney Imagineering blends imagination and creativity with cutting-edge technology to create immersive experiences in Disney parks around the world. Join us for an exciting behind the scenes look at how Disney Imagineers, from artists to engineers, collaborate to bring ambitious ideas to life. (40 minutes)


MONDAY, JUNE  7  – 1:00 PM EST

The Magical STEM Show

The STEM Show was created by Brooklyn and Paul, both educators and magicians. They utilize their talents and knowledge in unique, fun, and educational ways to teach and inspire students. The show includes magic, experiments, fun, and plenty of laughs!  (35 minutes)



TUESDAY, JUNE  8  – 11:00 AM EST

Dr. Stephanie Goff, Associate Research Physician, Surgery Branch,
National Cancer Institute

Dr. Goff will share her unique pathway from public school student, to engineer, to becoming a highly-renowned cancer researcher and surgeon.  Get ready to be inspired by her story and the life-saving work she and her colleagues are achieving at the National Cancer Institute.




A Journey to Space, Laurie Leshin, Michael Hecht and Jeff Hoffman

Join us for an inspiring presentation as we travel to Mars and learn about Mars rovers Curiosity and Perseverance. Michael Hecht, Principal Investigator on MOXIE,  will discuss his successful project producing oxygen from the Martian atmosphere, and former NASA astronaut Jeff Hoffman will share about his experiences in space! (60 minutes)

This is the only presentation that requires registration.  Please REGISTER HERE



Zoom to the Stars with the EcoTarium

What do you see when you look at the night sky?!  Some see tiny lights dancing against a black canvas, or groups of stars that form mythical creatures! Join us as we tour our solar system, explore constellations, asteroids, stars and nebulae, and discover what to look for when the sun goes down.  (50 minutes)


THURSDAY, JUNE  10  – 11:00 AM EST

An Inside Look at being a BattleBots Competitor

Calling all robot combat fans! You won’t want to miss this inside look at what it’s like to be a part of the BattleBots competition. Hear from 3-time champion Paul Ventimiglia and David Jin, Captain of the WPI Ribbot Team about the trials and tribulations of the design, build and competition process. (50 minutes)


FRIDAY, JUNE  11  – 11:00 AM EST

A Journey to STEM and Beyond – Justin Amevor

What do you get when you combine a WPI STEM education with a passion for social justice and sustainability – Justin Amevor and doughcakes!  You are sure to be inspired by Justin’s story, from his unique pathway to STEM, and the challenges he faced, to how he is using his WPI education and appetite to help others to give back to the community.


FRIDAY, JUNE  11  – 1:00 PM EST

Women & Gender Minorities in STEM

Sara is a Colombian-American planetary geophysicist and community organizer. Completing a PhD at Case Western Reserve University, her research focuses on modeling the consequences of the nucleation barrier for the Moon’s core evolution. Her local mutual aid and international political work is grounded in discerning the role of science in collective liberation.  Sponsored by the EcoTarium