WPILib supporters

Creating WPILib C++ and Java for the 2018 FRC season is a huge job. The project could not possibly be completed by one person. Our team was comprised of a group of WPI students, volunteers from the FIRST community, and a number of engineers at FIRST and National Instruments that made this software release possible. Without their support this would never have happened.

Project Sponsors

These companies have sponsored internships that enabled us to complete large projects such as the 2015 version of WPILib, and tools such as RobotBuilder, Dashboards, and Robot Simulation. Their support made it possible to complete build libraries for two languages and all the associated tools.

Analog Devices is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of analog, mixed signal, and DSP integrated circuits to help solve the toughest engineering challenges.
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At Amazon Robotics, we are continually reimagining what now looks like. We see the big picture, imagine a better one, and make the connections that turn complex problems into elegantly simple solutions. Our drive toward a smarter, faster, more consistent customer experience fuels Amazon – and the industry – forward, now. With a fearless resolve to achieve the improbable with real solutions, we meet tomorrow’s challenges today. We Reimagine Now.

WPI_Inst_Prim_FulClr WPI is proud to sponsor FIRST Robotics and very happy to be able to help FIRST teams innovate and realize their design aspirations. We have been sponsoring teams since 1992, and were the first university to offer scholarships to FIRST team members. With the help of our sponsors, community volunteers, and many WPI Robotics Engineering students, we produce WPILib, the software library and tools for all teams using the Java and C++ languages.

WPI student project members

There are a number of WPI undergraduate students (or recent grads) who contributed code to WPILib in the libraries, software tools, documentation, and more. These students are listed here:

Ryan Benasutti Sam Carlberg Evan Gilgenbach Jonathan Leitschuh
Ryan Lapoint Patrick Plenefisch Fred Silberberg

Contributing members from the FRC beta team community

There are almost 100 teams who spent about 6 months beta testing the software, the hardware, and reporting their findings so that improvements could be made, bugs could be fixed, and make this a much better product than it would have been without their help. We thank them for there tireless support. In addition to the testing that teams did, some team members went above and beyond testing by contributing patches, and features that could be incorporated into the libraries to make it more complete. These individuals and their teams are listed below:

Name FRC Team
Thad House
Peter Johnson 294
Joe Ross 330
Austin Shalit
Dustin Spicuzza 1418
Tyler Veness 3512