June 11, 2016 10AM - 4PM
at Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The Festival

Explore Space and Robots with NASA educators…

  • NASA’s favorite exhibits including the famous MARCBot IV Rover, R2 Kinect, R2 Model/Video, Be-a-Bot 2.0, and the Mark III Suit will all be here. Try on a wearable NASA Space suit!
  • Watch what happens to Peeps inside a real vacuum chamber. You won’t believe your eyes!
  • Get run over by the Roll-Over-Rover… this lightweight rover has 8 wheels and rolls right over kids (in a fun way, of course).
  • View the 30-foot SLS inflatable rocket ship and the life-sized Curiosity rover! Whoa.
  • Walk on the moon… Feel what it’s like to step on the moon’s surface.

Our Media Partner, WGBH Education/PBS Learning Media is bringing so much fun stuff from the brands you know and love…

  • Curious George, “Quack” from Peep and the Big Wide World, Gracie and Friends, and Plum Landing (for the littles)
  • DesignSquad Nation (for middle school-aged children)
  • NOVA Labs (for high schoolers)

You can even get your picture taken with Quack from Peep and the Big Wide World… and more! Head inside the Bartlett Center where all the action starts.

Innovators at Work…

Faculty and current students open up their research labs around campus and share their innovations and discoveries–with you. Accessible for kids of all ages, but of particular interest to middle- and high-schoolers. Come see what it’s like to be a student at WPI. Labs will open up in:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biology and Biotechnology
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Interactive Media and Game Development
  • Learning Sciences and Technologies
  • Mathematical Sciences
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Robotics Engineering

A sampling of activities for middle- and high-schoolers inside the research labs:

  • Try on a wearable exo-musculature robot for rehabilitation and augmentation—as well as interact with a robotic bird, dog and maybe even a kangaroo!
  • See the computerized numerical control (CNC) machines and other advanced manufacturing technology in action and manufacture you own souvenir with a CNC machine or laser cutter.
  • Demo video games developed by students in the gaming lab.
  • Go on a wireless scavenger hunt to learn more about wireless communication systems.

View a complete listing of Faculty Exhibitors.

WPI Invites Younger Scientists to…

  • Find out more about non-Newtonian fluids by mixing up some slime.
  • Discover how to harness wind power by building your own windmill.
  • Explore the principles of buoyancy while designing a tinfoil boat.
  • Learn about the lifecycle of a star.
  • Build a DNA model.
  • Explore electrical circuits by creating your own secret alarm… and so much more for younger kids.

Engage with Local and National Partners…  

  • Many local and national organizations are coming to TouchTomorrow and bringing interactive, fun exhibits for kids of all ages to enjoy. See who’s coming.

Make a day of it…

2015 Map

Food and beverages will be sold at multiple locations.

Photographs and videos will be taken throughout the event for use in future WPI and WGBH publications, websites, or communications for purposes of promoting TouchTomorrow and K-12 STEM Education. By coming to this event you are granting full permission to WPI and WGBH to use a photo, which might include you in it as an event participant. We will not be linking participant names to the photos in any publications.

WPI works diligently to assure the safety and welfare of our guests. At TouchTomorrow, our security personnel will conduct random checks of camera bags, backpacks, and other large items during the festival. We appreciate your understanding as we undertake this security measure.