Meet the Officers!

Get to know some of our current officers!

Anna Balin – President 

About Anna: Anna Balin, 19, is a sophomore computer science and mathematics double major who hails from the mighty town of North Reading, MA. She is ecstatic to step into the role of Alden Voices President for this coming year! Other than spending all of her free time at the First Baptist Church, Anna is the Assistant Music Director of the Technichords and is a PLA in the mathematical sciences department. She is excited for the new year and looks forward to giving back to her siblings in song!

Fun Fact: Anna has trees for fingers


Mia Katz – Stage Manager

From Mia: Choir has always been an integral part of my life. I joined my first choir at six and since then, have sung at exciting places such as the Empire State Building and Woolsey Hall. It didn’t take long for Alden Voices to become my refuge on campus, and I now owe many of my closest campus friendships to choir. After one year of acting as Alumnae Historian, I’m excited to serve as Stage Manager.

Fun Fact: In the summer, I work as a server and a camp counselor on Block Island!


Emma Raven – Secretary

Major and class year: Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, Class of 2024

My favorite thing about AV: The lovely community of singers <3

Why did you join AV?: I wanted to keep singing after high school!

Other involvements: President of BCB Club, Campus Affairs Officer for the Alliance

Fun Fact: I crochet and knit my own clothing!


 Anna Balin – Treasurer

Major and class year: CS & Mathematical Sciences, 2025

My favorite thing about AV: The people!

Why did you join AV?: I wanted to keep singing after high school 

Other involvements: Chamber Choir, VOX, WiCS, AWM

Fun Fact: I have perfect pitch


Julianna Ziegler – Social Chair 

Major and class year: Mechanical Engineering 2023

My favorite thing about AV: All the friends I’ve made <3

Why did you join AV?: I’ve been a choir kid my whole life and knew I needed that community in college

Other involvements: VOX Musical Theatre ~ Secretary, ΑΞΔ Women’s Fraternity ~ Song Chair, ΑΨΩ National Theatre Honor Society

Fun Fact: I have a cat named Alfredo, he’d love to meet you


Noelle Noons – Fundraising Chair

Major and class year: Environmental Engineering, 2024

My favorite thing about AV: The professionalism 

Why did you join AV?: I love singing and learning new pieces.

Other involvements: VOX and the Technichords

Fun Fact: I have been singing since elementary school!


 Mia Katz – Alumnae Historian

Major and class year: Mechanical Engineering, 2025

My favorite thing about AV: My favorite thing about AV is the community. Being a freshman who lost a lot of senior year to COVID-19, I was worried about what my social life might look like at WPI. The wonderful community with AV erased my doubts immediately – there were so many singers, especially upperclassmen, who welcomed me with open arms. I am proud to call such wonderful people my friends and mentors. 

Why did you join AV?: I started singing at 6, and it’s been an integral part of my life since. Choir is the perfect place to recharge and stabilize when life gets hectic. Sometimes, there’s no antidote to stress quite as powerful as music. There are few communities I’ve encountered that are as supportive as choir is, and I’ve met many of my closest friends though choir. Plus, it’s always encouraging to reminisce on old repertoire, which stands as physical proof of my self-improvement. Even before I arrived on campus, I knew that AV was a community I wanted to fully immerse myself in. 

Other involvements: WWPI – I currently have my show, MissingInAction, on Wednesday nights.

Fun Fact: I have two sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniels named Charlie and Hollis. I also spend my summers on Block Island in Rhode Island, where I work as a camp counselor.


Morgan Reilly – Publicity Chair/Webmaster

Major and class year: Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2024

Favorite thing about AV: Being able to sing with amazing people, and having a great family on campus. 

Why did you join AV?: To be in a choir, but I gain another family.

Other involvements: Glee Club, Chamber Choir, VOX, WPI Club Lacrosse

Fun Fact: My hometown only has three traffic lights, they are all on the same road. 


Grace Audette – General Manager

Major and class year: Mechanical Engineering, Class of 2025

Favorite thing about AV: Getting to know new people

Why did you join AV?: To be able to sing in a choir again, in person, because it was since       2020, that I sang in a real, in-person choir and had real performances.

Other involvements: Outing Club, Ski and Snowboard Club, Venture Crew, Scouts BSA

Fun Fact: I’ve been to 33 US States, before 2022, and this year was the first time I’ve ever flown on an airplane.