Natalie Milgram – Untitled

(Student Submission)

Theme: Before, During, and After

Artist Statement:

I painted this in response to the theme: Before, During, and After. We are still fighting the virus. Even when (if) an effective vaccine is developed, COVID-19 will likely remain. This piece contains three paintings in series. The first (top) panel shows the pandemic hanging out in the sky. This situation was likely to happen, it was merely a matter of when and how. Currently, we are on the middle panel. We are confronting and fighting the virus. Things are rough all around, with drama and tension persisting. The bottom panel represents some form of “after.” COVID-19 will likely remain and there will still be tension, drama, sickness, and pain. However, we have a chance to reduce the effects of this virus over time, isolating damage and minimizing harm to the planet.