Bridget Nault – Our New Sacrifice

(Staff Submission)

Theme: Alone Together

Artist Statement:

I have a degree in songwriting and have regularly written songs for the past 20 years, but when the pandemic gripped us I found it nearly impossible to write a word. Everything was so overwhelmingly negative that my pen laid dormant for months. It was the ability of our community, both WPI and the great Worcester community, to face and adapt to our new struggles together, even when physically apart, that inspired me to write Our New Sacrifice. In this song I attempted to be retrospective but hopeful, while giving it an air of caution. There are sacrifices we all must make to ensure the make it through this crisis.


Our New Sacrifice

The school bags they hang by the door

Like a forgotten friend

People survived so much more

They tell us again and again and again

Ripped up by regular news

We hide, we hide

Hoping to hear something good


But we rise

Together apart we survive

This is our new sacrifice

Love over string on a can

It is still love

Call however often

And send virtual hugs

While we delay our grief

We’re grieving daily

Hoping to hear something new


Still we rise

Together apart we survive

It is our new sacrifice

Maybe it will take awhile

But we’re gonna be alright

Together apart we survive

This is our new sacrifice