Jeff Caglarcan – Minor Swing

(Staff Submission)

Theme: Identity, Agency, and Optimism in a Pandemic

Artist Statement:

The music and associated video were recorded during the first weeks of the quarantine, during the strictest period of the lockdown.  For years I had been meaning to create my own arrangement of Django Reinhardt’s “Minor Swing,” but I had never gotten around to it.  With most of my usual activities no longer possible during the lockdown, I reflected on my priorities and how I spend my time.  I’m very fortunate to have the ability to work remotely.   I was spending lots of time with my family as we were all home together.  I realized I had an opportunity to tackle a creative project.  The result is my arrangement and recording of “Minor Swing” by Django Reinhardt and Stephane Grappelli.  It was recorded in my basement.  The concept for the video was inspired by the many virtual meetings I attended while working remotely, complete with green screen backgrounds.

I hope you enjoy the music and I hope it inspires you to take time for a personal project or creative activity.