Robin Benoit – A Mysterious Trip Around the Sun

(Staff Submission)

Theme: Human Connection in a Virtual World

Medium: Watercolor and Marker

Artist Statement:

Zoom has been a popular way for humans to connect during this time in the pandemic. In addition to Zoom meetings for work I found other ways that Zoom was being used to connect in a creative way. One of these creative Zoom sessions was a four week course that I signed up for called Uplift and Create! During this class, we did meditation and created three projects including prayer flags, an affirmatray and finally a mandala. The mandala that I submitted from this class is made with watercolors and fine markers. I really enjoyed creating this piece which I call A Mysterious Trip Around the Sun because I feel that is what many people, including myself are experiencing right now. I really enjoyed have time set aside during this class to create and meditate since it is easy to make excuses and not take time out for yourself.