About the BETC

A Pilot-scale Biomanufacturing Facility for Innovative Training

The BETC at WPI is where customized training courses meet your real-world training needs. Where university and industry experts are your guides. Where a pilot-scale biomanufacturing facility is your classroom.

The BETC was created in concert with WPI faculty and industry experts whose experience influenced the use of space, the selection of lab equipment, and the design and delivery of the curriculum.

From one-day trainings to in-depth, weeklong programs, the BETC provides a rich environment where you’ll expand your knowledge of bioprocessing and hone your hands-on techniques. Our goal: a skilled, confident workforce ready to be productive from day one.

Beyond in-depth training, the BETC offers contract services such as small-scale non-GMP manufacturing, and effective, practical consulting. And with more than 50 years of collective experience in biotechnology, our staff have a passion for furthering the success of individual participants, our partners, and the field as a whole.

Contact us to see how we can help you position yourself and your company for ongoing success. Call +1-508-831-4879 or email betc@wpi.edu.