Facilities and Equipment

Biomanufacturing companies face a unique challenge in training employees while running a busy production line: While employees need to master new techniques or enhance their skills, taking equipment offline for training is cost prohibitive, and the risk of making mistakes during on-the-job learning can be forbidding.

The BETC solves this challenge in labs that are fully equipped to mirror the real-world bioprocessing environment. In our new 10,000-square-foot center, you can explore new processes, train on state-of-the-art equipment and hone your skills. Here, you can take risks, try what-ifs and fully master bioprocessing techniques in an environment that fosters your development.

Our laboratory space features individual rooms—including small-scale labs for upstream and downstream processing and a 200L pilot –scale lab—where you’ll have hours of hands-on training on bioprocessing equipment in a simulated cGMP environment. All the required support functions are performed in additional labs.

The BETC can accommodate up to 20 participants per course, ensuring an in-depth and collaborative learning experience. Contact us to enroll in a course or tailor one to your company’s specific needs. Call +1-508-831-4879 or email betc@wpi.edu.


Virtual Tour: Small Scale Processing

Virtual Tour: Large Scale Processing Lab

Biomanufacturing Suites

Pilot-scale Biomanufacturing Suite

This suite features all the unit operations used in the biomanufacturing process for pilot and clinical scale manufacturing.  It was designed with flexibility in mind, enabling the re-arrangement of equipment and the introduction of new equipment as needed to customize programs and enhance the hands-on experience.

Equipment Preparation Suite

The Equipment Preparation Suite houses all of the equipment and components used within the manufacturing process. Here, you’ll learn proper cleaning, assembly, and sterilization techniques, and how to maintain high standards for sterilization technique and product quality throughout the facility. Specific equipment includes:

  • Autoclave, AMSCO model 3000
  • Glasswasher, Miele Model C7825

Additional Lab Space

Buffer and Media Preparation Lab

All solutions used in the manufacturing process are formulated in the Solution and Media Preparation Lab, including media for cell growth food and solutions used in the purification process.

Inoculation Lab

The manufacturing process starts here, as cells are thawed and the seed train is propogated. You’ll learn strict aseptic techniques to protect the culture from environmental and personnel contamination during the long process.

Upstream and Downstream Labs

Bench-scale Upstream Processing Lab

This lab is primarily dedicated to microbial and mammalian cell culture bioprocess training from vial thaw through fermenter/Bioreactor harvest. Bench-scale equipment up to 10L working volume is utilized.

Bench-scale Downstream Processing Lab

This lab is primarily dedicated to purification process training including TFF and chromatography operations utilizing bench-scale equipment. This lab is also outfitted for protein analysis assays such as gel electrophoresis.