Mission Statement:

Providing the underserved youth of Central MA with engaging STEM experiences

We believe that engaging STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) experiences provide youth with a foundation for success, and we believe that all youth should have these opportunities. Since 2004, the Central MA STEM Network (CMSN) has provided thousands of youth with a variety of exciting experiences that include: classroom STEM experiences and science fair project support, out-of-school time STEM activities, and STEM festivals, as well as professional development for STEM educators. The CMSN Ecosystem is a partnership among businesses, government, non-profits, educational institutions, schools, teachers, families, and youth that enables collaborations for deep and wide-scale impacts in our communities. Our mission is to nurture youth who experience low-income and under-representation with engaging STEM experiences throughout Central Massachusetts.


We enact our mission by:

  • Holding quarterly meetings to bring stakeholders together to collaboratively support our community in STEM
  • Being part of the larger STEM Learning Ecosystems Community of Practice
  • Implementing priorities and recommendations of theMA STEM Council
  • Coordinating and promoting STEM Week in Central Massachusetts each year
  • Providing STEM kits for use across the Ecosystem through our lending library
  • Supporting STEM events throughout the region, such as the Central MA Science Festival in Leominster

To measure our success, we focus on: 

  • Number of youth reached in northern and southern Worcester County
  • Number of STEM experiences supported
  • Pathways for continued STEM experiences identified
  • Surveys and testimonials from youth, families, and teachers
  • Number of network partners that participate in delivery of events and programs