Reflections on Being Black and Male in Engineering

Talk by James Holly Jr. for Mass STEM Week 2021 DEI Series: “What’s your STEM Story?”

Centering Relational Justice and Collaborative Identity Development in Engineering Education

Talk by Shakhnoza Kayumova for Mass STEM Week 2021 DEI Series: “What’s your STEM Story?”

Engaging Community Members in Citizen Science: The Worcester Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative

Guest speaker Jacquelyn Burmeister, Senior Environmental Analyst for the City of Worcester Dept. of Public Works, talking about Citizen Science with the Worcester Cyanobacteria Monitoring Collaborative (WCMC) and partnering with community-based organizations on educational programs.

Women in Tech (Talk by Hanover Insurance)

The Hanover Insurance Group launched Women in Technology (WIT) in 2016 to provide support and networking to IT professionals. This group’s focus is on building internal and external partnerships to advance STEM in the community. Hear from four Hanover employees how being part of WIT has given them purpose and connection to Central Massachusetts.

STEM Week 2020 Career Panels – See Yourself in STEM!

For STEM Week 2020, the CMSN Ecosystem assembled a diverse panel of STEM professionals in the Central MA region to share their pathways and their current jobs in STEM. These recordings (roughly an hour) and accompanying slides were designed to be interactive (i.e., Pear Deck) for the classroom and other settings.

These resources are still effective today and are made available for anyone to use. Feedback received from educators and students indicated appreciation for the wide range of educational pathways and career opportunities to “See Yourself in STEM”!

Topics include: Health Sciences, Biomed/Life Sciences Sciences, Construction Engineering, IT/Computer Science, and Manufacturing

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