New Cutting-edge Research at the Center for Resource Recovery & Recycling

New Cutting-edge Research at the Center for Resource Recovery & Recycling

CR3 faculty and students from WPI, CSM, and K.U. Leuven are researching and working on a variety of interesting projects (precompetitive and fundamental) funded by industry members and NSF.  The Center performs basic and developmental research relevant to the sustainability industry.  This year, research will begin on the following CR3 projects:

  • Electrowinning Rare Earth in Low Temperature Ionic Solutions
  • Online Slag and Bullion Analysis by LIBS
  • Metal Recovery from Abrasive Cutting Scrap
  • Recovery of Valuable Materials from Fines
  • Battery Cell/Magnet Separation Technologies for Recycling

CR3 research continues on the following projects:

  • Beneficiation of Flat Panel Functional Coatings
  • Conditioning of Machined Chips
  • Development of a Novel Recycling Process for Li-Ion Batteries
  • Dezincing of Galvanized Steel
  • Metal Recovery via Automated Sortation
  • Molten Metal Compositional Sensing to Enhance Scrap Recycling
  • Opportunities and Barriers to Resource Recovery and Recycling from Shredder Residue in North America
  • Rare-Earth Recovery from Magnets, catalysts, and other Secondary Resources
  • Recovery of Rare Earth Metals from Phosphor Dust of Waste Fluorescent Light Fixtures
  • Recovery of Value-Added Products from Red Mud and Foundry Bag House Dust
  • Recovery of Zinc and Iron from EAF Dusts Including Hot Stage Slag Engineering and Energy Recovery
  • Synthesis of Inorganic Polymers from Metallurgical Residues

For more information on all on-going and completed CR3 research projects, please visit our website.

Advising our graduate students at WPI are Diran Apelian (Director of CR3), Yan Wang, and Marion Emmert.  CSM faculty includes Profs. Brajendra Mishra (CR3 Site Director), Corby Anderson, Patrick Taylor.   CR3 Site Director and Professor at K.U. Leuven is Bart Blanpain.

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