CR3 Launches New Research on Metal Recovery

CR3 Launches New Research on Metal Recovery

The industrial members of the Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling (CR3) have selected two new projects for graduate student research in the area of materials recovery and recycling.  One project, titled Recovery of Valuable Metals from Fines, will focus on the recovery of metals and materials from incinerator bottom ashes, end-of-life vehicle shredded fluff, and urban cleaning dust.  The second project, titled Magnet Separation Technologies for Recycling, will focus on recycling rare earth metals or critical (and precious) metals in magnets.  The goal is to develop efficient and cost effective separation processes as enabling technologies.

 CR3 research continues on these innovative projects

  • Synthesis of Inorganic Polymers from Metallurgical Residues
  • Development of a Novel Recycling Process for Li-Ion Batteries
  • Recovery of Zinc and Iron from EAF Dusts including Hot Stage Slag Engineering and Energy Recovery
  • Dezincing of Galvanized Steel
  • Recovery of Value-Added Projects from Red Mud and Foundry Bag-House Dust
  • Recycling of Rare Earth Magnets

Research concluded and final reports were presented at the CR3 Spring Meeting of its industrial members on May 16:

  •  Beneficiation of Flat Panel Functional Coatings
  •  Accurate and Precise Optoelectronic Measurements of Molten Metal Chemistry
  • Metal Recovery via Automated Sortation
  • Recovery of Rare Earth Metals fro Phosphor Dust
  • Conditioning of Machined Chips

More Information on all CR3 projects can be found on the CR3 website.

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