MPI Involved in LM3I – a $148 Million White House Initiative

MPI Involved in LM3I – a $148 Million White House Initiative

PH-Washburn-HallThe Metal Processing Institute (MPI) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is one of four core academic facilities comprising the American Lightweight and Modern Materials Manufacturing Innovation Institute (LM3I), a new $148 million initiative recently announced by the White House that is aimed at helping to revitalize the nation’s manufacturing capabilities and competitiveness.

LM3I is part of the National Network for Manufacturing Innovation, an initiative launched by President Barack Obama in 2013 to bolster the innovation, performance, competitiveness, and job-creating power of American manufacturing. Driven by a consortium composed of corporations, universities, and government agencies and laboratories, it will be funded by $70 million from the Department of Defense (DOD) that will be matched by $78 million from the consortium partners. The consortium was selected in a highly competitive process managed by the DOD that saw multiple teams from across the country vying for a role in new high-impact national research and development program.

LM3I is expected to create more than 10,000 new metals manufacturing jobs, spur innovative research and development on lightweight metals processing and manufacturing, and help train hundreds of engineering professionals and skilled trade workers in the most advanced manufacturing shills. It will be headquartered in the greater Detroit metro area and led by EWI, a nonprofit manufacturing innovation company in Columbus, Ohio, along with the University of Michigan and the University of Ohio.

For the full press release, see WPI’s Metal Processing Institute is a Core Facility for a National Manufacturing Innovation Institute.

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