Join us at the Social Justice Summit

On Thursday, September 30th, we will be participating in the annual Social Justice Summit @ WPI, part of Arts and Sciences Week. We are planning a multi-faceted workshop that will discuss inclusive practices in the classroom – including accessibility, open educational resources, and developing scholarly identity in our undergraduate and graduate students.

Shining a Light on Student Access and Inclusion: Practices for Inclusive Pedagogy (Thursday, September 30th from 10:30a – 12:45p)

Description: This multi-modal workshop brings together perspectives and practices on diversity and student experience in the classroom.  The workshop begins with a student-led panel on the personal impact of open pedagogical practices in the classroom, like an inclusive curriculum and open education resources (OERs). The second half of the workshop will feature topic-focused stations for participants to learn how to put these ideas into practice. This session will be interactive with time to engage attendees with similar goals in small groups. Questions participants will be encouraged to explore include: Why write an inclusivity statement in your syllabus? How does the use and design of OERs connect to your learning outcomes? What OER materials already exist that you can use or modify? How can you engage students as contributors to OERs? How can you diversify your reading list? How do these practices align with social justice principles? We will share examples, ideas, and tools to generate and share open resources while having students co-lead small group sessions. 

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