Welcome to the Integrated STEM Projects Resource Center, your ‘go-to’ place to gather lessons and ideas for high quality integrated STEM projects to use in your PK-12 learning space. While the site only features a few lessons at this time, additional lessons will be added monthly, so please continue to check back for more!

The projects on this site were developed by teachers through their participation in the STEM Educator Certificate Course facilitated by the STEM Education Center at WPI.

All of the projects…

  • are aligned with PK-12 state and/or national standards
  • integrate science and/or math with technology, engineering & ELA standards and practices
  • guide students to work solve real world problems
  • have students working collaboratively in teams
  • incorporate culturally responsive teaching strategies
  • connect with careers in STEM

    We encourage you to explore by subject or grade level to find projects that inspire you to bring problem solving to your classroom or after school program.


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