The STEM projects in this resource center were developed by PK-12 educators as part of the STEM Education Center at WPI’s STEM Certificate Course. The STEM Educator Certificate Course was developed in 2018 and covers ‘everything a STEM teacher needs know and be able to do’ and follows our 8-element framework for high-quality STEM (the Onion). Throughout the course, participants are guided to develop an Integrated STEM Project (performance assessment) that incorporates the components of high-quality STEM.

The STEM Onion provides a visual to allow educators to see how the components of high-quality STEM layer together. With problem solving at it’s the core, participants develop projects which have students working in collaborative teams using elements of standards-aligned STEM and non-STEM disciplines to solve real world problems. This is done, keeping culturally and linguistically sustaining practices in mind while integrating technology and putting students in the role of professionals. The process has been described as a ‘journey’ by teachers, one that they were not expecting, but was much needed.

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Course Developers & Facilitators

Donna Taylor and Mia Dubosarsky, STEM Education Center at WPI

Donna Taylor and Mia Dubosarsky,
STEM Education Center at WPI

We are so impressed and proud of the projects that have been developed over the years. We encourage visitors to explore the site and find projects that are meaningful and relevant to their students. Use the projects as they are or make modifications to best support your learners.

However you use them, we hope you have fun solving problems with your students!

– Mia & Donna

STEM Project Developers

All integrated STEM project developers are STEM Certified by the STEM Education Center at WPI. Click each name below to learn more about these amazing educators and explore their projects!

Lee Burgess

STEAM Educator, Music Technologies, District Curriculum Writer, and Band Director

As a passionate advocate for integrating arts and artistic methodologies into STEM/STEAM education, I believe in nurturing a comprehensive approach to problem-solving and observational wonder that empowers students for life.

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Suchira Channoi

Education Curriculum & Instructional Support Specialist
Worcester Child Development Head Start

I love how STEM education builds a strong foundation for young children to become problem solvers. Using the simplified Engineering Design Process through project-based learning helps the children gain all the developmental skills they need for real word problems.

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Rich Cohen

HS Physics Teacher

Obsessed with bringing STEM Ed to the masses in a fun and relatable way. All students should be able to find the science in everyday life and know why it’s important.

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Tiffany Davis

PK-5 Digital Learning Coach
Ashburnham Westminster Regional Schools

I love designing interdisciplinary projects that use ELA, technology, and the arts to provide access points for students who don’t feel successful in traditional math or science class.

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Sara Donovan

7th Grade Science Teacher
Canton Public Schools

The STEM Educator Certificate program taught me how to integrate the important components of high quality STEM education into engaging learning experiences for students. This program challenged me to deeply explore and reflect on STEM education and provided me the support to grow professionally.

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Vanessa Haerle

STEM Teacher
Sutton Middle School

STEM education instills teamwork, problem solving strategies, and critical thinking that will prepare this next generation for future careers and the unforeseen challenges of the years ahead.

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Ladda Kosaketh





Adventure & Operations Director
Just Understand My Potential, Inc (J.U.M.P.)

STEMeducation is a fun, engaging interweaving of traditional academic subjects in a beautiful tapestry. The STEM Education Center at WPI used the strategies they taught in our course to help us learn & create.

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Jonathan McCarthy

STEAM Teacher
Longmeadow Public Schools

I am interested in creating highly engaging, rigorous and thought provoking STEAM curriculum that develops students collaboration and empathy while making connections to the world.

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Michelle Olivari

STEM Curriculum Coordinator
Leominster Public Schools

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Tom Young

HS Physics Teacher
Weymouth High School

I am an Alumni of WPI’s Undergraduate Physics program and continuing my Master’s in Physics for Educators at WPI.

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