(FY1) Using Media to Influence Agricultural Perceptions on Climate Change

Authors: Nick Tomasetti, Nico Alvarado, Ben Mason, Anonymous


Category: First Year


Perceptions of climate change vary in the agricultural demographic as only around half of the farmers believe in human-induced climate change (Arbuckle et al., 2015). Through the creation of a pamphlet, based on psychological principles to maximize impact, we aim to alter unproductive perceptions of climate change. Changing perceptions, we hope to inspire action and lessen our impact on climate change one demographic at a time.

Arbuckle, J. G., Morton, L. W., & Hobbs, J. (2015). Understanding Farmer Perspectives on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation: The Roles of Trust in Sources of Climate Information, Climate Change Beliefs, and Perceived Risk. Environment and Behavior, 47(2), 205–234.
https://doi.org/10.1177/0013916513503832. ​