This Year’s Winning Projects

Congratulations to the winners of the 14th Annual Sustainability Project Competition:

First Year Category:

Title: Using Media to Influence Agricultural Perceptions on Climate Change (FY1)
Benjamin Mason (RBE), Nicholas Tomasetti (ChE), Nicolas Alvarado (ME), Benjamin Tate (MAC), and an anonymous student (BME)
Advisors: Dr. Marja Bakermans, Dr. Geoffrey Pfeifer, Elaine Chen (PLA)

Undergraduate Category:

Title: Massachusetts Climate Resilience Policy, Planning, and the Needs of People with Disabilities: Paths to Improvement (UG1)
Author: Rafaello Adler-Abramo (STP)
Advisors: Crystal Brown (SSPS)and Stephen McCauley (DIGS)

Graduate Category:

Title: Reducing Carbon Footprint of Energy-Intensive Industrial Drying by Novel Drying Methods (GR6)
Author: Munevver Elif Asar Sarikaya (ME)
Advisor: Jamal Yagoobi (ME)