As of 5/13/2020, FIRST has announced off-season events will not be able to use official FIRST hardware, field elements, or be supported by FIRST due to concerns with the ongoing pandemic. You can find more information on the FIRST website
Because of this, we will not be hosting BattleCry@WPI this year. We hope you all stay safe, and we look forward to hosting you at BC 21 in 2021!

About Battlecry

BattleCry@WPI is an annual competitive robotics event hailed as “the best off-season event in FIRST.”  BattleCry@WPI began in 2000 and has grown over the years to 60 teams. During the two-day competition, the teams compete in matches and vie for a number of awards with some of the most elite robots in the game.



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WPI – Worcester, MA

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