BattleCry 23 SITREP 1, dtg 16May23/1730Z


1. Registration

Please confirm your plans with your team members as soon as possible. We have many teams on the ready reserves list and out of courtesy to them, would like to update their status ASAP.

Each BC team will receive ten (10) BC23 t-shirts and ten (10) $10 Campus Center Food Court vouchers. These vouchers are valid on Saturday and Sunday at the Campus Center Food Court to purchase food and drink . Multiple vouchers can be combined, but unused value on a voucher will not be refunded. Teams should monitor their email for information on how to confirm and purchase additional t-shirts.

2. Robot Drop-off and Friday Practice

Official load in begins at 1600 on Friday. Teams may arrive earlier in the day, but we cannot guarantee your pit will be fully setup (table and power) until 1600. We HIGHLY encourage all teams to load in on Friday. Load in opens at 0730 on Saturday.

Teams should proceed to the load in area located at approximately 97 Institute Rd. (see noted area on venue map). Teams will be directed by volunteers on where to stage their vehicle while they are unloading. The driver is required to stay with the vehicle at all times during load in. Once the vehicle is finished unloading, they should proceed to a parking area as described below.

Filler line practice rounds will be held on Friday night from approximately 1730-2100, with calibration starting at 1700. See the Operations Order for a detailed schedule.

Teams who have not checked in by 0830 on Saturday will not be placed in the match schedule.

3. Parking and Trailers

All parking is free of charge. Reference the parking map here.

    • Drop off: Vehicles may unload and drop off passengers at the Park Ave. parking garage traffic circle.
    • General parking: WPI Park Ave. Garage – use 151 Salisbury St Worcester MA for GPS address
    • Over-height vehicles and trailers: Hackfield St. lot
    • Buses: Buses can drop off and unload at the traffic circle adjacent to the Park Ave. garage, then park on Salisbury St., Institute Rd, or along Washburn Way, located near the WPI Gateway Park.

4. Game Tweaks

See Rules of Engagement.

5. Awards and Decorations

The following have been established for BC23:

  • Campaign Medals (64) – One per team that arrives on scene
  • Medal of Honor (1) – BC’s highest team award. Judges’ award for the team that goes “above and beyond” the expectations of all FRC teams.
  • Silver Star (1) – Judges’ award for machine design elegance as demonstrated throughout the campaign.
  • Distinguished Controls (1) – Judges’ award for inspired robot-operator interaction as demonstrated through interface and/or programming excellence.
  • Special Operations (1) – Judges’ award for outstanding robot performance or unique strategy of play during the autonomous period.
  • Phantom Fighter (1) – Judges’ award for the team and robot that is unusually adaptive and effective in supporting others.
  • Noncombatant Service (1) – Judges’ award for most outstanding sportsmanship
  • General Staff (3) – Judges’ special recognition awards, criteria TBD
  • Best BattleCry (1) – Emcee’s award for best spirit shown by a team during combat
  • Air Superiority (1) – To the team that fields the top Human Player(s) in the Saturday evening contest
  • Top Gun (1) – To the number one seed in qualifying
  • Runners-Up (4) – To each team on the three-team alliance defeated in the final match.
  • Victors (4) – To each team on the three-team alliance that wins the tournament
  • BattleCry STAR – Special Team Appreciation & Recognition award, adult mentor award presented by team selected by STAR reviewers (see below)

6. BattleCry STAR

Student team members are encouraged to submit nominations for their outstanding adult mentor. These nominations should be 500 words or less and are due by 29-May at 0900 by emailing Submissions will be judged by prior year STAR Award winners. Student members of the winning team will be notified before the event and offered the opportunity to publicly announce their champion during the awards ceremony.