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Campaign Priorities

Beyond These Towers

The Campaign for Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Our drive to go beyond is fueled by the belief that what we have created and what we do at WPI can be of immense value to a world beset by challenges. To achieve our $500 million goal, we need champions. Be a champion.

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Tomorrow’s global problem solvers, innovators, and leaders.

Through this campaign, WPI seeks to remove the barriers that keep qualified students from accessing our time-tested approach to learning.

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A new model for a world-spanning, globally engaged university.

The Global School’s programs put students at all levels—from first-year undergrads to PhD candidates—as well as faculty and staff throughout the university in touch with the challenges and opportunities that lie beyond these towers.

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Research and scholarly work that is changing the world.

WPI is well-positioned to seize funding opportunities and advance to a new tier of excellence as a research university.

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A global community energized and propelled by innovation and inclusion.

Through this campaign, WPI will double down on its efforts to prepare strategic thinkers and build an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming community.

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Will you help us go beyond?

In Two Towers, WPI’s centennial history, Mildred Tymeson famously observed that WPI has endured, evolved, and prospered “because—by some strange and wonderful supply— there have always been enough people who cared.” It is time, once again, for people who care to come forward and come together to support WPI in this unprecedented campaign. Make your gift today.