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Tomorrow's Leaders

Beyond These Towers

The Campaign for Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Long before Robert Goddard, Class of 1908, conducted his first rocketry experiment or hand-tooled his first combustion chamber, he knew exactly what he was aiming for. Inspired by Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, he believed he could invent a machine that would free humans from the relentless pull of gravity and carry them beyond Earth’s familiar comforts and into a universe filled with peril and promise. For Goddard, that vision was never out of sight as he built his world-changing technology.

As it did for Goddard, WPI has always inspired students to pursue their passions and find their purpose: to dream big and use their WPI education to realize their dreams. But for many aspiring innovators and leaders, a WPI education itself is the dream. Through this campaign, WPI seeks to remove the barriers that keep qualified students from accessing our time-tested approach to learning—barriers that keep too many from taking the first step toward a world of purpose and possibilities that lies just beyond their imagination.

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