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Innovative and Inclusive Community

Beyond These Towers

The Campaign for Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Julie Bliss Mullen ’12 knew from a young age that she wanted to use science to help people. The summer before her junior year, she traveled to Guatemala with Engineers Without Borders to help a community avoid using contaminated water by harvesting rainwater. The experience inspired her to try to find better ways to treat water. Today she is co-founder and CEO of Aclarity, which markets an electrochemical treatment method she discovered to companies and organizations around the world.

WPI seeks to weave this value creation mindset and the humanistic spirit throughout its curriculum and its community. The university’s practical approach to education and research has long produced innovators whose products and businesses have transformed the world. Today WPI seeks to help all of its students and faculty take their ideas and inventions out into the world to create value, help people, and change the world for the better.

The most innovative and successful organizations are the ones that place a premium on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Better ideas, solutions, and products emerge when all voices are heard and when the greatest spectrum of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences are brought to the table. Through this campaign, WPI will double down on its efforts to prepare strategic thinkers and build an inclusive, supportive, and welcoming community.

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