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Beyond These Towers

The Campaign for Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Read on below for stories of students, alumni, and faculty who inspire us. Then support them with a gift!


For me, Beyond These Towers is innovation, the projects that are centered on social justice and that are really going to impact and support the greater good of our campus, as well as the greater Worcester community and beyond.
Justin Amevor ’20, ’22 MS
Benefit Director of Doughboyz Breakfast Corporation



Impact means being able to solve problems that matter to other people. It’s how people can make a positive change to the world. And WPI right now is the only school in the world that’s offering that to its students. Let’s give these students the opportunity to make a major contribution to the world.
Curt Carlson ‘67
WPI Trustee Emeritus and Distinguished Executive-in-Residence
Value Creation Supporter


It makes me feel very proud to be a part of a school like WPI that has alumni, parents, friends, others that are giving resources to the school and giving us students opportunities. It feels good to know that our school and the alumni and the parents have our backs, they’re here to support us any way they can.
Andrew Sosa ‘24




Being a WPI graduate means you’re part of the WPI family. And that immediately puts you in connection with an incredible network of talented and creative and innovative professionals who are all seeking to also make an impact in the world.
Roseann Gammal ‘10
Associate Professor of Pharmacy Practice, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Co-founder and Lead Clinical Pharmacist, Pharmacogenomics Clinic, Brigham and Women’s Hospital



Simply put my education at WPI has defined who I am. This is where I learned how to connect science to the real problems of the world, to the social issues and to the solutions that require the ability to communicate.
Donal Boyd ’13, ’14 MS
Co-founder, Behind the Scenes of Nature
Filmmaker & Visual Advocate for the Conservation of Wildlife and Nature



Being able to work on such a long-term project like this is something very special. And then beyond that, knowing that Peyton is my age and that she’s also interested in STEM, I want to do whatever I can to help her get back as much of her life as possible.
Mia Buccowich ‘22
Biomedical Engineering
MQP: Developed a Robotic Partial Hand Prosthetic



WPI is a special place that encourages and facilitates people to experiment and try different things out. And if it works, then great. And if it doesn’t work, also great—you learn something in the process. Philanthropic support allows for that experimentation.
Professor VJ Manzo

If you’re interested in exploring options for making a larger investment in WPI’s innovators, educators, makers, and doers, please contact University Advancement at, 508-831-6052.