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Beyond These Towers

The Campaign for Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Philanthropy Supports WPI’s New Academic and Student Services Building, Unity Hall

January 14, 2022

Rising majestically up the side of Boynton Hill, the newest addition to the WPI campus—a 100,000-square-foot academic and student academic services building—will be known as Unity Hall.

The state-of-the-art Unity Hall has received significant philanthropic support from alumni, trustees, and friends, including foundations and corporations. In total, WPI has received more than $19 million from 419 donors to Unity Hall, all in support of Beyond These Towers: The Campaign for WPI, the university’s $500 million campaign. These commitments include a $5 million pledge from the Alden Trust in the form of a challenge; the trust will fulfill the pledge when WPI raises $20 million from alumni and trustees. The total raised for the challenge is just over $13 million.

Commitments to the new building also include those from alumni to honor the legacy of Dean van Alstyne in the new integrated Student Academic Services Center. Of the donors to the building, 385 contributed in honor of van Alstyne, for a total of nearly $560,000.

Unity Hall will be the centerpiece of an invitation-only event to be held later this spring for leadership donors to Beyond These Towers: The Campaign for WPI. A special viewing of Unity Hall will be held for all alumni during Alumni Weekend in May.

There are still opportunities to support Unity Hall and the students and faculty making a positive difference in the world through transdisciplinary research and projects. If you’re interested in exploring options, please contact University Advancement at, 508-831-6052.

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