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Beyond These Towers

The Campaign for Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Spotlight on Unity Hall Donors: Glenn Yee ’74

April 15, 2022

Glenn Yee, WPI trustee emeritus, is founder and chairman of Pacific Can Company. A native of Guangdong, China, who immigrated to the States, he was among the first students to enroll in the WPI Plan. He is a dedicated alumnus and champion of his alma mater by assisting the university in expanding its China programs. He and his wife, Amy, have hosted many alumni events and student projects in Hong Kong and mainland China over the years. For his contributions to WPI, as well as for his professional success, he was awarded an Honorary Doctorate Degree in 2018.

In Unity Hall, Yee supported the student lounge on the second floor. He especially appreciates how the new building juxtaposes the symbols of WPI’s founding principles with global problems students and faculty are focused on today.

What interests you or excites you most about Unity Hall?

From its conception, this new building will be one of the most modern structures in the city of Worcester, given its design and materials used. Yet it is next to WPI’s two towers—two historic buildings. This contrast is so unique to our campus.

What motivated you to support this new facility?

I believe WPI’s Robotics Engineering Department is well positioned to benefit from all the other strong engineering departments and can become one the premier robotics programs in the country. As a mechanical engineering major, I believe the robotics field will contribute greatly to our society in the future. Knowing that robotics engineering is in Unity Hall, I am glad to have this opportunity to support this endeavor.

What do you hope your gift will achieve—either for future generations of students and faculty at WPI, or for individuals and communities beyond our campus, or both?

I hope that the lounge area funded by my gift will provide a comfortable spot for students and faculty to let their creativity take flight.

What excites you about WPI now and in the future?

I am convinced that with over 150 years of history, WPI has proven its ability to evolve and grow with time. I am glad to see that the university has continuously raised its standing among all its peers in the country.

What would you say to other alumni and friends to encourage them to stay connected—and to participate in Beyond These Towers: The Campaign for WPI?

I hope all alumni would understand that for WPI to compete successfully among other elite engineering schools, it will be critical that they should consider supporting the Beyond These Towers campaign in the coming years.