ADVANCE… your goals, your life.

Looking at the Whole Student

A graduate education is about much more than the academics. Your complete education is our goal. We’ll give you what you need to succeed.

There’s no doubt those years bestow you with impressive knowledge and expertise in your chosen field. A WPI graduate degree also gives you the needed skills to become a successful professional—beyond the scope of your academic studies.

We’ll Guide You

  • Want to learn how to write effective communication?
  • Are you wondering how to engage a class as a new faculty member?
  • Do you know how to quickly summarize your research for a potential funder?

Professional development is key to your education. You can’t go out into the world knowing the what, but not knowing the how.

We will challenge you to think in new ways and to create value in the world beyond WPI. To do this, we will teach you how to become a leader in your field, a valuable employee, and a compassionate human being who can successfully navigate what life beyond WPI brings.

“Working in teams takes practice! Understanding how to rapidly develop the interpersonal relationships necessary to execute as a team and yield something comprehensive and complete is necessary for success here at WPI and out in industry.”

Rick Thyden Biomedical Engineering, PhD program)
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Discover the life-changing experience that a WPI education has to offer and prepare to make your mark on the world.

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