CONVERGE… try a different lens.

Expanding the Possibilities

Our open labs are one of our distinctions and something we take pride in.

Imagine this—focusing on your research in a cutting-edge environment where collaboration, not competition, is the goal. You’ll see how working with other like-minded, passionate, and driven graduate students elevates your own discoveries.

When researchers in different disciplines share close lab space, they’re able to envision possibilities that might have never come to light.

Exciting Potential

We’re all about breakthroughs. Working alongside other scientists and engineers across disciplines leads to discoveries that have broad impact.

Your research will see bigger breakthroughs, make stronger connections, and devise novel ways to make sure your research applies to other disciplines. And your professional contributions in your field will be stronger because of it.

“I have had the pleasure of collaborating with, seeking mentorship from, and building interdisciplinary communities with faculty members, staff members, and students from departments across WPI. I can’t imagine that many other institutions offer opportunities to meet, and work with, so many individuals outside of your own department. I am grateful for all of the workshops, networking events, and initiatives on campus that encourage interdisciplinary working relationships.”

Avery Harrison Closser Learning Sciences & Technologies, PhD program
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INNOVATE… solve complex problems.

Have you always been a problem solver? WPI is built on a foundation that looks at how we can have an impact and improve lives around the world.

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