INNOVATE… solve complex problems.

More than Discovery

Solving problems is satisfying, but finding a solution people can use to change their lives for the better? That’s what our work is all about.

At WPI, you’ll be immersed in a community of bright minds who are driven to solve some of the world’s biggest problems. We don’t take this goal lightly—we believe in research with purpose and that means we approach problems looking to fill a need in society, not just to answer a question. And not just for tomorrow, but for today.

Make an Impact

We don’t just ask the big questions—we ask the big questions so we can find effective solutions that can be applied effectively and efficiently where it’s most needed. Our graduate programs teach you what it takes to make a change, and then you’ll learn how to make that change so it has the biggest impact.

“I think you need a healthy mix of both theory and practice. Learning theories and grounding yourself in academia can give you the toolbox to solve a plethora of real-world problems. The special thing WPI does is give you the opportunity to actually go out and try to solve those problems.”

Evan Paskalis Master of Business Administration program


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ADVANCE… your goals, your life.

Life is what happens outside the classroom. Be ready for it. Join the workshops offered on topics such as personal health and well-being, grant writing, and networking.

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