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The I am STEM – STEM I am Lesson Library was created with funding from the Massachusetts STEM Advisory Council for STEM week 2020, and has been a great success ever since. Hundreds of educators, from Massachusetts and across the Nation, participated in professional development sessions and implemented different lessons in their classrooms. I am STEM was presented at science and engineering education conferences (ASEE, MAST), and is featured on the National Science Teaching Association page as a high-quality free resource for educators.

With additional funding in preparation for STEM Week 2022, I am STEM was expanded with and now includes lessons spanning grades PK-7. Each lesson tasks students with following the engineering design process (EDP) to solve a problem in a grade-level book, and is aligned with STE/math and ELA standards and practices. The lessons, developed by teachers and edited by the STEM Education Center’s staff, are designed as a 5-day experience, taking into account teachers’ curricular requirements during STEM week. Teachers are welcome to return to the library after STEM week and follow another lesson with their students.

The STEM Education Center

A great teacher can spark a love of STEM in future generations of students. Thus, the STEM Education Center is committed to working with current & future educators to guide relevant, integrated, and inclusive STEM learning experiences with their students and communities.

Informed by current education research and by the lived experiences of educators, learners, and community members, we collaborate/work with others to enable/foster high-quality STEM learning experiences with a lens of equity & inclusion.

We believe that everyone has the capacity to do STEM and the values for our work are inspired by Indigenous ways of knowing and doing:

Respect:  We respect the knowledge & experiences of the educators and schools/organizations we partner with by listening to their needs and goals when developing professional development, trainings, and programs.
Relationships:  The impact of our work can be measured by the enduring collaborations we have with our partners to develop deeper & wider/broader? connections as we work towards/within a STEM learning ecosystem.
Reciprocity:  Authentic problem-identification and problem-solving in a local context allows for the co-construction of relevant knowledge by educators, students, and community members.
Responsibility:  We have the responsibility to create the conditions for students of all identities to joyfully learn and thus we support culturally & linguistically responsive instruction and practices.

The People of I am STEM 


Library Creators & Editors; PD Facilitators 

Mia Dubosarsky PhD

Mia Dubosarsky
Director of Professional Development
The STEM Education Center at WPI

I am passionate about STEM in early childhood & elementary grades and believe that internalizing the process of problem-solving will prepare students to address any future problem they will face.

Donna Taylor

Donna Taylor
Assistant Director of Professional Development
The STEM Education Center at WPI

I am excited to be a part of such an amazing project. Working with educators to develop lessons that empower students to solve meaningful, real world problems while integrating Science, Engineering, Math and ELA has been so rewarding.


Cultural & Linguistic Responsive Practices Adviser

Shakhnoza Kayumova 
Associate Professor in STEM Education and Teacher Development
UMass Dartmouth

I research issues of identity in STEM education, and it has been a privilege to work on the I am STEM – STEM I am project. It has been dear to my heart to work with and learn from such an amazing community of scholars and educators, who are all committed in culturally responsive teaching and positive identity developments in STEM. Thank you!

Lesson & PD Developers & Facilitators

Lee Burgess
STEAM Educator, Music Technologies, District Curriculum Writer, and Band Director
Springfield Public Schools

As a passionate advocate for integrating arts and artistic methodologies into STEM/STEAM education, I believe in nurturing a comprehensive approach to problem-solving and observational wonder that empowers students for life.

Suchira Channoi
Education Curriculum & Instructional Support Specialist 
Worcester Child Development Head Start

I love how STEM education builds a strong foundation for young children to become problem solvers. Using the simplified Engineering Design Process through project-based learning helps the children gain all the developmental skills they need for real word problems.

Jane O'Connor

Tiffany Davis
PK-5 Digital Learning Coach 
Ashburnham Westminster Regional Schools

I love designing interdisciplinary projects that use ELA, technology, and the arts to provide access points for students who don’t feel successful in traditional math or science class.

Sara Donovan
Grade 7 Science Teacher
Canton Public Schools

STEM education provides exciting opportunities for students to work together, communicate, and problem solve to better understand the world around them.  It is an honor to help build lessons for the “I am STEM” project and to provide these learning opportunities for teachers and students.

Jane O'Connor

Vanessa Haerle 
STEM teacher
Sutton Middle School

I am excited to be a part of this initiative that connects ELA, Math, Science and Engineering in hands-on, authentic learning experiences for students.  These projects foster the skills our students need to solve the challenges of tomorrow.

Evelyn Larose
STE Program Director 
Boston Public Schools

I’m passionate about fighting for science equity and making high quality instructional materials accessible to all learners.

Jane O'Connor

Jane O’Connor 
STREAM teacher K-8
St. Joseph School

I was approached to become a STEM teacher 4 years ago and I have never looked back.  After taking the STEM certificate course at WPI, I have found my passion for teaching again, including real world, standards based, culturally responsible curricula.  It was an honor to work and develop lessons for “I am STEM-STEM I AM”.

Lesson Contributors

Raji Ravichandran
Melissa Dionne
Kara Prendergast
Amy Donahoe
Tammy Rumplik
Deborah Vanderpoel
Danielle Larkin
Deepa George

WPI Student Assistants

Amelia Ring (design & editing)
Beck Aruda (artwork)
Melina Iannacchione (PD registration & marketing)
Kathleen Wang (editing)
Freud Oulon (editing)

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