MPC Celebrates it’s 25th Anniversary

In May of 2023, the Melbourne Project Center celebrated its 25th anniversary. Partners from across the years came together with WPI students and faculty to celebrate these longstanding collaborations and the work they have accomplished.

Contributors to the MPC from past and present attended the event. Current MPC directors Stephen McCauley and Lorraine Higgins attended, as well as former directors Jonathan Barnett and Holly Ault. The MPC’s local coordinator, Jonathan Chee, came as well. We were happy to welcome Kent Rissmiller, the Associate Dean of Interdisciplinary and Global Studies at WPI, as a special guest.

The event was located in the Treetop room at the Melbourne Museum, with thanks to Carolyn Meehan, Head of Audience Insights at the Museum and long-time partner of the MPC. The center directors and a student representative welcomed guests and thanked partners, then a student team who worked with the MPC showcased a video they had made introducing the MPC.

Around the room, student teams discussed their projects with guests and showed project posters and other project deliverables, such as videos, an interactive game, and products made from recycled plastics. Guests, program partners, WPI faculty and students mingled and enjoyed their time celebrating the collaborations they’ve undertaken over the years.

Photos From the Event

Posters Displayed at the Event

These posters were used to showcase the contributions of us and our partners towards the Melbourne community. Displayed are posters that describe our work in key thematic areas as well as posters that display statistics about the MPC and our partners.