Impact on Students

A recent survey garnering input from over 40% of MPC alumnae shows the many ways in which MPC projects enhance students ‘academic and professional skills, their cultural awareness, and their personal life goals.


student infographic


“By working with an interdisciplinary team, I was able to develop skills that are vital for teamwork. These are skills that I use to this day in my career, which requires interaction with people from various backgrounds. I also learned valuable skills related to project management, including setting deadlines for both the team and myself, as well as learning how to manage deadlines when there is a change to the plan.”

-2007 MPC Alum

“While working on the IQP, I learned a lot more about issues that affect people throughout the world, both through my own project and hearing about experiences of my fellow students in their projects. By having the hands-on experience, I was able to gain a better understanding of  these issues . . . both domestically and abroad.”

– 2007 MPC Alum

“Working abroad for my IQP allowed me to see that problems we faced at home were truly global problems and should be conducted or at the very least shared on a global scale. My experience fueled my desire for a global community and actually led me back to Australia to complete my PhD.”

– 2010 MPC Alum

“This project influenced my self-confidence.  As I went to a completely new country and lived a completely different life than was “normal” for me, it was imperative I step out of my comfort zone and open myself to new experiences. It helped me grow by expanding my knowledge of new cultures and ways of life.”

–2012 MPC Alum

“Researching and writing reports, as well as getting over a fear of asking questions and speaking to new people (which my IQP demanded) has made me more effective when I have to do those things for my job.”

– 2011 MPC Alum

“I learned more about the connections between culture and science, and how different people view the same things in varied ways, and accordingly shouldn’t be treated the same.”

– 2016 MPC Alum

“My appreciation for real world problems and there not always being an ‘easy’ solution was greatly influenced. It was an enlightening experience which introduced me to the challenges faced by interdisciplinary professionals around the world.”

– 2011 MPC Alum