Media & Press

  • Dr. R. participated in two stories Dec 2022 by KPCC (Southern California’s NPR) to talk about the dangers of #snapback culture for maternal health: a piece published in LAist and a live radio segment on AirTalk with Larry Mantle.
  • Over the past several years, Dr. R. has partnered with the amazing Jen McLellan, founder of Plus Size Birth and Plus Mommy Podcast, to advance outreach and advocacy to reduce pregnancy-related weight stigma and promote maternal health for all. Read Dr. R. and Jen’s blog post and their related podcast episode about weight stigma in pregnancy and what we can do about it!
  • Dr. R. quoted in an article from Healthing focused on weight gain and stigma in pregnancy.
  • Student mental health is a growing concern. Dr. R. joined a panel of researchers, faculty, and students to discuss mental health on college campuses and what we all can do about it it as a community.
  • Dr. R. and a group of colleagues were awarded the NSF RAPID grant to study how this novel coronavirus pandemic is affecting college students’ stress and learning in an online setting.
  • In her article published in The Conversation, Dr. R. discusses her research on weight stigma during and after pregnancy and what this might mean for maternal health – published just in time for December 11, the most fertile day of the year!
  • The Bump, Medical Xpress, and Red Tricycle cover new papers from the SEED Lab on pregnant and postpartum women’s experiences of weight stigma and some associated consequences.
  • WPI Journal‘s Summer 2019 issue highlights the SEED Lab’s research and recent findings.
  • Dr. R. on Boston 25 News! (Fun fact: Dr. R taped this interview on her due date, and the news story ran while she was in the hospital delivering her son Anton.)