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Membership in the WPI Student Chapter of SIAM

Any person engaged or interested in mathematics or computing and their applications at WPI shall be eligible for membership in this Chapter. Chapter membership may be interdisciplinary, with members from multiple departments.

More specifically, membership in the WPI Chapter of SIAM shall be restricted to the following groups:

  • Undergraduates who are in good academic standing and have an interest in applied or industrial mathematics.
  • WPI Mathematical Sciences graduate students
  • WPI graduate students in the applied sciences or engineering whose research contains a significant amount of high level mathematics
  • Faculty of WPI who are regular members of SIAM National


To become a member of the WPI Student Chapter of SIAM, please contact us at!

Once you send a request to join, your eligibility will be verified by our membership chair, and you will be added to our roster and registered as a student member of SIAM National.

Termination of student membership will take place upon graduation, or withdrawal from the university, or at the request of the student please e-mail our membership chair if you would like to terminate your membership).

The WPI Chapter of SIAM will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, religion, color, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, marital status, or national origin. The WPI Chapter of SIAM also ensures that its membership will not practice any physically or psychologically abusive hazing behaviors either intentionally or unintentionally.

Membership in SIAM National

Undergraduate Students — You automatically receive a free student membership in SIAM National once you are a member of the WPI Student Chapter of SIAM!

Graduate Students — You may sign up for free student membership in SIAM National directly at the registration page, where you may choose two of your own SIAGs as well.

Advantages of joining SIAM National

  • Opportunities to network with peers and faculty
  • Meet professionals from major research institutions and corporations who were once where you are now
  • Increased visibility in the applied mathematics and computational science communities
  • Access to cutting edge research
  • Resources for identifying and developing career options in applied and computational math

What you will get as a member of SIAM National:

  • Free membership in two SIAM Activity Groups (SIAG)
  • 30% discount on all SIAM books
  • Subscription to SIAM News
  • Subscription to SIAM Review (free student members get electronic access only)
  • 80% discount on up to four (4) subscriptions to SIAM journals in print and any number of electronic journals
  • 95% discount on electronic access to current content and archives for all 13 journals
  • Eligibility to hold office and serve on SIAM committees
  • All students, regardless of SIAM membership status, are eligible for greatly reduced registration rates (up to 85% discount off non-member fee) to attend SIAM conferences, and can join or start a student chapter of SIAM on their campus.