(UG4) Exploring the Feasibility of Small Modular Nuclear Reactors for Research and Energy at WPI

Authors: Derek Baker, Leonardo Coelho, Maxwell Dargie, Patrick Hagearty, Declan Williams

Advisors: Derren Rosbach, David Medich

Category: Undergraduate


The increased risks of climate change are forcing communities to rethink how they meet their energy needs. In this project, we investigated the feasibility of integrating a small modular nuclear reactor (SMNR) at WPI for both research and power generation. During this investigation, we conducted interviews, directed a survey, and viewed carbon emissions data. By analyzing this information, we found that implementing an SMNR would benefit the institution by providing additional research opportunities and reducing overall emissions through the cogeneration of heat and electricity in a safe manner by utilizing SMNR technology as soon as 2026, when it is predicted to be commercially available.