(GR4) The Path Towards Fossil Fuel Disruption: Predicting Biofuel Costs with a Single Experiment and Thirty Seconds

Authors: Muntasir Shahabuddin

Advisors: Michael Timko, Nikolaos Kazantzis

Category: Graduate


Our current response to climate change has been through broad-spectrum electrification, as seen in electric vehicles, through the use of energy storage technology. However, to enable the long-distance travel required for freighting and aviation, the energy density of hydrocarbon fuels have yet to be beaten. We can leverage organic wet wastes to produce renewable, low carbon intensity biofuels using hydrothermal liquefaction (HTL).

With relative maturity on the benchtop, dozens of economic analyses have been performed to elucidate HTL’s viability. These economic analyses assume case-by-case plant design solutions, which are time and resource intensive. This talk will present a model developed to drastically shorten this economic viability screening time using only the results of a single experiment to expedite widespread deployment of HTL.