The Worcester Community Project Center (WCPC) is one of over 30 Worcester Polytechnic Institute project centers around the world. The WPI Global Projects Program facilitates the operation of these project centers.

Founded in 2000, the WCPC integrates undergraduate engineering and science education with community needs.  WCPC projects are developed around three main themes:

  1. Environmental Justice,
  2. Environmental Policy,  and
  3. Social Justice.

Previous project sponsors have included municipal governments, the Mayor’s Office, Worcester County Senators and Representatives, the Broad Meadow Brook Audubon Sanctuary, Park Spirit of Worcester, Habitat for Humanity MW/GW, Worcester Earn-A-Bike, the Worcester Regional Research Bureau, the Regional Environmental Council, the Greater Worcester Land Trust, the Worcester Art Museum, Centro Las Americas, AIDS Project Worcester, Abby’s House, the Worcester Historical Museum, the Seven Hills Foundation and more…

Importantly, the WCPC does not define the scope or focus of the projects it undertakes.  Ensuring a truly community-based approach, the sponsoring community organizations, local politicians and their constituencies define the problems to which the WCPC responds.  To date, over 65 projects have been completed through the WCPC.  Addressing a broad range of community challenges and opportunities.