WPI Students

Have a global IQP experience in neighborhoods close to campus. 

  • Complete an off-campus IQP for NO additional cost!
  • Start local, realize global impacts!
  • Become truly engaged and integrated in your community.
  • Exercise your potential to make an impact in statewide politics and national movements!
  • Flexibility: You can complete your IQP in B, C, D or E term!

The WCPC develops projects both from the grass roots and from the public sector.  This means students work with Worcester based organizations in the trenches of important social and environmental justice issues and local politicians working on issues that impact your Worcester neighbors.

Students who choose the WCPC will experience Worcester in a manner they never have before. You will see the truly rich culture that exists outside of Highland Street.  By engaging with the greater Worcester community, students will see how science and technology can be applied to social and environmental causes both locally and globally. In fact, many, if not all, of the Worcester projects are of global importance!

The WCPC has been recognized around the City and the region as a valuable community resource.  As a result, students have the opportunity to work on a number of “high profile” community projects.  These projects make significant contributions to improving the city we live in.

Explore Worcester 

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