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We believe you will be tremendously impressed by our students’ dedication and the quality of their work.  Feel free to peruse our website to learn more about the Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) process and how you can collaborate with us.

What is an IQP?

The Interactive Qualifying Project or IQP is a junior level requirement of all WPI students. WPI has over 50 project centers around the world that students apply to for their IQP.  Here in Worcester, we offer IQP’s in four terms (B, C, D, and E) and typically have about 5-6 projects per term.

The IQP is not an internship. It is a community based research project sponsored by a local organization completed by teams of 3-4 students.  The students work exclusively on the project full-time, five days a week, 40-50 hours a week, over a period of seven weeks so they are able to tackle a fairly sizeable project. 

Prior to the start of the research project, the students complete a preparatory course in social science research and methodological techniques. During this course, they learn about dealing with diverse constituencies and aspects of working in a professional setting.  They also complete extensive background research on their sponsoring organization and the issue they will tackle.  At the end of the preparatory course, the students have completed a detailed methodology for achieving the project’s goals and objectives and give a final presentation outlining their proposed timeline for the project’s completion.

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