The Worcester Community Project Center (WCPC) is an off-campus project center. The WCPC offers students the opportunity to become integrated with “their” community without leaving their “campus” residence. Students will commute to work at the Worcester Community Project Center offices in the Printers Building or at their sponsoring organization in downtown Worcester.

For local charitable, educational and civic organizations, the WCPC provides student and faculty teams to a sponsoring organization to define and research a specific issue. Typically, each project team of four students will devote 1,000 hours to producing their project reports, working full time for two months. These projects will result in professional-level reports that propose economically feasible, technically feasible, and socially acceptable solutions to the proposed issue or problem.

The sponsoring organization will obtain proposed solutions to a problem of direct concern to them, the value of which will result in part from their own support of the student team.

Thus the WCPC provides the community with efficient and very low cost professional-level research and problem-solving services to address issues that require both societal and technological skills.

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