Meet the Team and Sponsors

Who are we?

The Sponsors

William Wallace- Executive Director, Worcester Historical Museum

Mr. Wallace, more commonly known as Bill, is the Executive Director of the Worcester Historical Museum. Bill has a strong role in the Worcester community, and is also the chairman of Worcester’s Hope Cemetery Commission and co-founder of the Friends of Hope Cemetery. After more than 30 years working with the Worcester Historical Museum, Bill is one of the most prominent and reliable sources of information regarding any facet of Worcester’s diverse history.

Vanessa Bumpus- Exhibitions Coordinator, Worcester Historical Museum

Ms. Bumpus, known amongst the Worcester Historical Museum staff as Vanessa, is the Exhibitions Coordinator for the Worcester Historical Museum. Although she attends to a myriad of unique tasks each day at the museum, her efforts focus around the continued success of the exhibits within the WHM. With more than ten years with the WHM, Vanessa has experience with museum exhibits of all shapes and sizes, especially those tailored to the city of Worcester.


Team WHM

Ali Fuat Becan

Ali Fuat Becan is a Junior at WPI studying Electrical and Computer Engineering and Music. He is skilled at music, performing and composing musical pieces, as well as creating digital sounds using computers. He enjoys solving mathematical problems as well. His skill level with music and aesthetical analysis also enable him to be open-ended at redesigning interactive exhibits with the Worcester Historical Museum.

Matthew Harrington

Studying Management Information Systems at WPI, much of Matthew’s time is tied up with schoolwork and his love for the game of basketball. Having grown up down the street in Shrewsbury, Matt is excited to be working on a project where he can give something back to the city of Worcester.

Keith Lundgren

Keith is a Junior at WPI studying Mechanical Engineering. He is ecstatic to be working with the Worcester Historical Museum in bringing the unique stories of Worcester’s diverse industrial history back to life, where he plans to utilize his skills in computer aided design/modeling to help incorporate interactivity.

Kyle Orfan

Kyle is a Junior at WPI studying Management Information Systems. He enjoys history and the community that surrounds Worcester, making the Worcester Historical Museum a great place to put his skills to work.