Seven Hills Foundation: Increasing the Accessibility of Assistive Technology

Student Researchers:
d5965780-74c1-4199-b1d6-d50e242618ffJane Bingel, Management Engineering
Abigail Cornwell, Biochemistry
Michael DiMilia, Aerospace Engineering
Nathan Meersman, Environmental Engineering
Nam Tran Ngoc, Robotics Engineering

Project Sponsor: The Seven Hills Foundation

Our sponsor for this project was the Seven Hills Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps individuals with developmental disabilities. Their programs emphasize the importance of career development skills in order to promote a higher degree of independence among disabled individuals. Seven Hills Foundation is one of the many organizations in Massachusetts working to decrease the dependency of individuals within their programs. Assistive technology is essential to the services and programs offered at the Seven Hills in Worcester, MA.

Project Goals & Objectives

Our project was intended to increase the accessibility of assistive technology at Seven Hills Foundation, through the development of a database, which will act as an information resource, allowing the staff to identify different assistive technology solutions. 

In order to accomplish this goal, we completed the following objectives:

(1) Assessed stakeholder needs

(2) Evaluated the status of the existing low-tech kit

(3) Researched AT solutions to include in the database

(4) Developed a database

(5) Built a web-based data interface

(6) Educated and trained staff to use the web application


Executive Summary

Accessible AT Helps Individuals with Disabilities Overcome Barriers

Final Report

Increasing the Accessibility of Assistive Technology at Seven Hills Foundation

Project Video

We created a video to show the important role assistive technology plays at Seven Hills Foundation. Click on the link below to access our video: