Audio Journal: Improving Media Access for Audio Journal’s Print Disabled Listeners

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Project Sponsor: Audio Journal

Audio Journal is a non-profit radio reading service based in Worcester, MA that broadcasts to blind, visually impaired, and print disabled listeners in Central Massachusetts. You can learn more about them at


Student Researchers

Our IQP team consists of: Ryan Doyle, Irakli Grigolia, and Brendan Marion

Image of student investigators


Our Project

The goal of our project is to create a concept design for an app that would allow Audio Journal’s listeners to access their broadcasts on demand. In addition, we are making a determination on whether Audio Journal’s listeners need something else in addition to the app. Our findings and recommendations will be passed on to a future development team so they can develop the app itself.


Goals and Objectives

  1. Determine the best platform for the app
  2. Learn what features are most important to people with visual impairments, and more specifically, Audio Journal’s listeners.
  3. Learn more about assistive technologies and accessibility features used to access software.
  4. Research best practices and talk to software developers who’ve worked on the platform we choose.
  5. Develop the concept design for the Audio Journal app using Adobe XD.