APW IT Assessment: Week 2 Recap

We are done with week 2 of our IQP. Our first set of focus groups went really well, and now we have a great understanding of what kind of training the employees of APW would find most useful. We have not gotten as many responses to our survey as we had initially hoped, but we are able to see trends in the responses that we have gotten. The main problem most employees have with their computers is that the computers are slow. We are currently looking into the best option to improve computer performance for the employees.

Accomplishments this week:

  • Made contact with Charter to try to get APW better Internet
  • Showed multiple employees how to sync their work calender to their smartphone
  • Working to create a Twitter and Facebook page for APW
  • Finished the inventory of the computers
  • In the process of qualifying APW for Techsoup
    • Techsoup is a website that provides free or discounted products to nonprofit organizations