APW IT Assessment: Week 3 Recap

Week three of IQP is in the books. This week we completed our first training session with the employees focused on saving files and utilizing Microsoft Outlook. We discussed the importance of saving to the network folders and where those folders are located. We then discussed many aspects of Outlook including scheduling, meeting invites, and contact lists. We also did some individual work with some of the employees helping them with their individual tasks including starting a Facebook page, creating a PowerPoint presentation, and using Outlook. During this week we also started assessing the completed inventory and determined the computers that should be replaced first. We revived two laptops from the server room and used them during our training session to help show the employees how to perform the certain tasks at hand. We also started writing our “how to guides” for the training sessions that will be available to the employees on the publicly shared network folder so that they can be accessed anytime if they need help with a certain program.  The next step in the process for team APW is to prepare for our next training session on Wednesday. This presentation will be on PowerPoint as requested from our survey. We also will be researching Microsoft Access to learn how to use a database. Once we are more familiar with Access we will be working with the agency to combine the housing, food and services databases into one database so it is easier for the employees to work with the data.