APW IT Assessment: Week 4 Recap

This past Wednesday we had our Power Point Presentation about how to use and present Power Points after the weekly staff meeting.  The presentation was very successful and there was a great turnout. The very next day we recieved emails from employees telling us they had just used Power Point for work. This made us feel like we are really making an impact on this community.  We also had a meeting with Charter and APW. This meeting was to discuss APW’s potential upgrade to Charter Business Class internet.  The meeting ended with the Charter representative contacting  APW again with a quote for the 30 Mbps (megabits) and 50 Mbps Internet bundled with phone service. On a separate note, we finally received confirmation of APW’s qualification for TechSoup that will allow APW to gain access to highly discounted software. We finished writing a proposal that details the IT needs of APW. This proposal will be attached to technology grants that APW applies for.

Overall, the project is progressing very well.  We feel like we are right on, or ahead of schedule.  We greatly enjoy working with APW, and so far this has been a great experience for us.