APW IT Assessment: Week 5/6 Recap

During this week the project team held its training session on Microsoft Excel. This presentation was a success as many of the employees had their questions answered and we got good feedback. Also during this week we created some of the training videos that will be available to APW for viewing. So far the saving and Outlook training videos are completed. These videos were created so if an employee has a question about how to do something in a certain program they will have a quick reference to view. We have also been working on our proposed replacement plan for APW. This plan will help APW in the future to become more up to date with their technology and run more efficiently. We are in the process of writing proposals for new grants that will hopefully get APW money for new technology. As we get closer to the end of the project the team will be more focused on writing and editing the paper, however we will still be conducting training sessions and assisting employees with their technology needs.