Ban the Bottle at WPI

We are the Ban the Bottle Interactive Qualifying Project (IQP) team for Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) . We are working with Corporate Accountability International and their “Think Outside the Bottle” campaign. We hope to stop the sale of disposable water bottles on campus through 2 main areas:

1. Campus Support

2. University Reciprocation

We will be hosting tap water vs. disposable bottled water challenges, documentary showings for the campus, and discussion groups for the campus community to express their opinion on banning the bottle on WPI’s campus. We hope that through these events we will be able to educate the campus community and bring to light the differences between tap water and disposable bottled water. We will also be working closely with the campus sustainability groups as well as the campus facilities to come up with different options to implement the changes to campus that WPI would have to make to provide more bottle refilling stations on campus. We look forward to implementing this campaign on campus and hopefully being able to spread the message to other campus’ in the area.

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